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EdTech Trends And Challenges In 2017

EdTech Trends And Challenges In 2017
By Sam Maniar - May 24, 2017 - "elearningindustry"
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"An industry that has the combined power of education and technology has managed to set trends along with some challenges that is set to mark its growth in the present era. With billions being invested, edTech is considered to be one of the richest and fastest growing industries."
A) Trends - Challenges - Development: EdTech Trends And Challenges In 2017
EdTech –a combo that has managed to curb the world of technology into education– is being accepted with open arms across the globe. It all started as an experiment that eventually went to become the biggest trend that the world would love to follow. EdTech is the new limelight of how things would be gearing up all day long for the best of both worlds. Before we look at the edTech trends and challenges in 2017, let us take a dig into the making of this giant sector that is all set to rock the future with its unending benefits.
B) The Journey Towards Expansion
C) 6 EdTech Trends Ruling The Year 2017
EdTech has crossed decades in the world of innovations. This has given it the experience of how and what are the key factors that are being accepted by the learners. So what's trending in the world of EdTech? The below points lists a couple of trends that the world is witnessing.
1. The Penetration Of Smartphones
2. Virtual Reality
3. High-Quality Contents
4. Learning Management Systems
5. Wireless In Schools
6. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)"
D) 4 EdTech Challenges Worth Crossing
"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational" – a quote that very well supports the use of education in technology. What are the confrontations that edTech is facing in this contemporary world?
1. The Hesitation To Change 
2. Cost Crunch
3. More Theory And Less Action
4. Too Much To Handle"
"Final Note
Schools have expanded their horizons beyond the bricks and mortar concept, giving way to technology to make learning practical. EdTech has its own set of perks and challenges where they are vulnerable to the technology that is changing, the perception of people, the awareness and how to make the best use of education in technology."