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Can Ed Tech Nurture the 'Hearts and Minds'?

Can Ed Tech Nurture the 'Hearts and Minds'?
By Sarah Schwartz on October 11, 2017 4:24 PM - ""
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"From digital readers to online platforms that aim to teach social-emotional skills, schools are increasingly relying on software and devices to try to enliven and enhance day-to-day lessons. But despite their growing use in K-12 education, online curricula, digital tools, and personalized learning programs deliver mixed results."
"Some show evidence of success, like digital math games that raise student achievement and engage students. But many others still have significant shortcomings."
"Tech is a tool, Vander Ark argues—not inherently good or bad—and only valuable if there's a motivating pedagogical strategy behind its use. It can, he wrote, open more pathways to "create and invent, launch social movements, and even contribute to solving global problems."
"For all the potential reasons ed tech doesn't fulfill its promise to further learning, one likely reason is teachers' lack of comfort with digital tools and the lack of professional development that meets their needs."
"Schools' ability to train teachers in implementing technology is also sharply divided along economic lines."
"Students in high-poverty schools are less likely to have teachers who have received training on how to use technology effectively in the classroom, Education Week reported, as part of this year's Technology Counts report."