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4 characteristics of a good ed tech investment

4 characteristics of a good ed tech investment
BY MERIS STANSBURYJanuary 18th, 2017 - "ecampusnews".
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Cituji vybrané části z textu článku:"Thanks to savvy advice from technology investors, here's why some innovations succeed, why some fail, and what the higher-ed market should expect in the near future."
"According to investors, one of whom was once approached by a young Steve Jobs, investing in ed tech first means understanding its place in the overall market."
“The last major technology innovation that truly disrupted the higher education model was the lecture, and that happened in medieval times,” said Daniel Pianko, a partner at University Ventures. “Innovation in higher education moves slowly.”
“Disruption only happens when others know it exists,” continued Pianko. “Because of the growing global interest in higher education, not only are incoming and current students demanding access to technologies on an incredible scale, but institutions need to become the best at what they offer to remain competitive—technology can help reach those goals.”
"However, it’s not enough to provide technology, institutions need to know what they should invest in for success."
4 Characteristics of a Good Investment
"According to the panel’s investors, there are four characteristics of a good investment that ed-tech companies should consider–but these considerations can also apply to institutions:
1. It includes mass-market technology components:
2. It should be independently tested:
3. It should have great branding and distribution:
4. It isn’t too innovative: 
The Technology to Invest in Now
"According to investors, MOOCs were an unfortunate mistake for many institutions, mainly because it was the only answer presidents and deans had to their board’s question of, “What is your digital strategy?”
“Presidents and deans were like deer in headlights, but they’re coming around,” said Pianko. “It’s important moving forward not to be short-sighted but to see the bigger picture of providing the best ‘product’ in higher education; and that means looking beyond just online learning to personalized learning and simple data.”
“It’s not about ‘how can I analyze Big Data to predict everything,’” said Davis, “but instead ‘what simple data can I use today (that may not be perfect yet) to improve outcomes?’ 
“The data doesn’t have to be perfect,” he continued, “it just has to be good enough now and able to be improved upon later.”
“Big Data has the potential to predict pathways of successful people, but any data that can pinpoint a way to improve outcomes is useful.”
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